Two Injured, One Dead From A Family Of 3 In Fatal Car Accident Watkinsville GA

Car Accident Watkinsville GA , Death Cause – A woman from Watkinsville died in an accident in Oconee County on Thursday night at a late hour. What happened took place inside the county’s borders. After the probe, it was found that the woman had died because of the accident involving two pickup trucks. At about 6:55 p.m., there was an accident on Georgia Highway 53 near Snows Mill Road. The Oconee County Coroner, Ed Carson, said that 43-year-old Salena Miller was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The news came out after the plane went down. The statement was made after the accident had happened. The Georgia State Patrol says that Miller was a passenger in the front seat of a Dodge pickup truck that her husband, John Miller, was driving. The driver of the car was John Miller. John Miller drove the pickup truck. He was also the driver. The pickup truck that the person in question was driving belonged to John Miller. Someone named John Miller was driving at the time, and he was in a different car than the others.

The information given by state Trooper Ryan Cleveland says that an accident happened with a Dodge pickup truck as it tried to make a left turn off of Snows Mill Road. There was also another car involved in the accident. In this case, the pickup truck was facing another car at the scene of the crash. That being said, the car was involved in a move that caused it to crash into a Ford pickup truck that was traveling east on Highway 53, which is also known as Hog Mountain Road. The pickup truck on the other side of the street was going the other way. Something was moving the opposite way of where it was going, which means it was moving in the wrong direction.According to the statement from the GSP, the Dodge, which was on the passenger side of the car, crashed into the Ford pickup truck, which was also in the accident.

As more information has been gathered, it has been found that the driver of the Dodge, John Miller, was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center with multiple injuries from the crash. Because Gabriel Miller is the oldest son of the Miller family, he was taken to the Egleston Children’s Hospital by air because his injuries were so bad. Unfortunately, his injuries were bad enough that he needed medical help. The medical center can be found in the Egleston neighborhood.The two people riding in the Ford truck were also hurt, and according to what Cleveland said, they were taken to Piedmont to get medical care. On the other hand, the trooper did not immediately know the names of the people they were talking to when they were approached by police during the event that happened right then. Captain Michael Burns of the Atlanta office said that the investigation is still going on. The investigation into what happened is still going on and will continue until further notice. What we learned about this came from Captain Burns.

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