Stephen Feldhaus Obituary, In Loving Memory Of A Cherished Soul

Stephen Feldhaus Obituary, Death –  On Thursday, March 28, 2024, Stephen “Steve” Harry Feldhaus, who had been a resident of Independence, Kentucky and had reached the age of 71 at the time of his passing, passed away. He had reached the age of 71 at the time this occurred. He had already finished his high school studies by the time he obtained his graduation from Holy Cross High School in 1970.

He had graduated from high school on time. Steve, who had been employed by Duke Energy for more than four decades, made the decision to quit the organization in order to undertake the duties associated with retirement. till the very end of his career, he served as the business manager for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #1347. He worked for the organization till the very end. He continued to work there till the very end of his professional career.

One of his favorite things to do in his spare time was to go fishing and boating. Other activities he enjoyed doing included going to Disney World. Fishing was another activity that he enjoyed doing. By the time Steve Feldhaus left, both of his parents, Harry and Eileen Feldhaus, had already passed away. Steve Feldhaus was the only child of the couple. The world has lost Steve Feldhaus. He is no longer here. His loyal wife of 47 years, who is described in the following manner, is the person he leaves behind after his passing.

Pat Feldhaus is related to a number of people, including his children Stephen Michael Feldhaus, Mary Elizabeth (DeRon) Hall, Matthew James Feldhaus, and Patrick Harry (Cindy Mei) Feldhaus; his siblings David Feldhaus and Susan Grabow, who is also known as “Uncle Kenny,” and a number of nieces and nephews. Pat Feldhaus is also related to a number of other people.

It is also true that Pat Feldhaus is linked to a number of other individuals. On Friday, April 5, 2023, visitation will begin at 2:00 PM and continue until the Catholic Prayer Service begins at 4:00 PM. The service will begin at 4:00 PM. Visitation will take place at the Connley Brothers Funeral Home, which is located at 11 East Southern Avenue, Covington (Latonia), Kentucky 41015.

Additionally, the funeral home is the location of the funeral service. The ceremony is scheduled to start at four o’clock in the afternoon. The visitation is going to take place at the funeral home, which has been selected as the location. Memorial contributions can be directed to New Perceptions Inc., which is located at 1 Sperti Drive, Edgewood, Kentucky 41017. You can see the address for the organization here. The family wishes that in lieu of sending flowers, money be donated to the organization where the event is being held.

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