Sandy Pearson Death, A Beloved Resident Of Rockford Has Died At Age 83

Sandy Pearson  Death – Sandy Pearson, who had been a resident of Rockford most of her life, passed away on Thursday, March 28, 2024. She was 83 years old. Having been born on October 19, 1940 in Rockford, she was the daughter of Oscar Lindstedt and Eva (Engstrom) Lindstedt. Her parents were named Oscar and Eva. Rockford University was the institution where she received both her Bachelor of Arts and her Master of Arts degrees after she graduated from East High School, where she had completed her high school studies. In the Fisher Chapel of Rockford University, Sandy and her husband married Dr. Donald R. Pearson on August 9, 1979. The ceremony took place in the presence of Sandy’s spouse. Although she passed away on February 5, 2018, his passing occurred earlier.

She was employed by the Rockford School District for a period of ten years, during which time she taught primary school students. Additionally, she was a lecturer at Rockford University, where she shared her knowledge with both students and teachers through the classes that she taught. In her capacity as a consultant for the Gifted Education Program of the State of Illinois, Sandy served in this capacity. In addition to that, she was the Homeless Coordinator for the Youth Service Network, where she worked.

some time had passed, she returned to the Rockford School District and assumed the position of Drug and Alcohol Coordinator there. Sandy was an active member of a number of community groups prior to her passing, including the American Association of University Women and the Family Advocate Auxiliary. Both of these organizations took place before Sandy died away.

The activities that Sandy enjoyed the most were reading, going on excursions, going to the theater, and going to the movies. She and Don had a strong respect for the natural world, and they particularly enjoyed spending time together in Door County, Wisconsin. There, they went hiking along the trails in the forest and along the shores of Lake Michigan. Door County is located in the state of Wisconsin.

As a result of the birth of her cherished granddaughter, Zoey, Sandy became a “Mormor” for the very first time in the year 2011. 2011 became a year that held a great deal of significance for Sandy. This friendship has brought about an endless supply of joy, which has been brought about by the friendship. Some of the ways in which it has presented itself include the construction of countless stores, quizzes, and artwork, as well as the occurrence of cooking experiments and travel trips.

Sandy’s son David Pearson, who resides in Northbrook, Illinois, as well as her cherished niece Bethany Cox and, of course, her cherished relatives and friends, are among those who are left behind after her passing. Furthermore, she is survived by her granddaughter Zoey, who is her only child. Every member of her family, including her parents, her brother Bob Lindstedt, her nephew Jeff Lindstedt, and her niece Jill Cox, had all passed away prior to her passing.

The Fred C. Olson Chapel, which can be found at 1001 Second Avenue, will be the location of the memorial ceremonies that will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at eleven o’clock in the morning. Before the start of the ceremony, there will be a visitation that will take place from ten to ten forty-five more minutes. For the purpose of interment, into the Scandinavian Cemetery.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of someone, you have the option of sending it to the American Association of University Women Rockford Branch, which can be found at 4990 E. State Street, Rockford, Illinois 61108, or you can send it to the donor of your choice.


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