Ronald Hough Obituary, Longtime Resident Of Monroe, NC, Has Passed Away At Age 85

Ronald Hough Obituary, Death – On March 27, 2024, Ronald Colin Hough, who resided in Monroe, North Carolina, passed away at the age of 85. On November 29, 1938, he was born in Union County, North Carolina. His parents, Stanley Vance Hough and Roberta Long Hough, both passed away before his birth. An additional person who passed away before him was his son-in-law, Larke Plyler.

Cornerstone Community Church of The Nazarene, located at 2707 Secrest Shortcut Road, Monroe, North Carolina 28110, will be the location of the funeral service that will take place on Monday, April 1, 2024 at 2:00 PM. The burial will take place in Lakeland Memorial Park after the service. Prior to the service, the family will be present in the church from one o’clock until one forty-five minutes before the service begins.

Ronald Colin Hough, who was more commonly referred to as Ronnie or PawPaw, was a fantastic PawPaw in addition to being a spouse and a caring father. All of these were jobs that he enjoyed and considered to be of great importance, particularly when it came to providing for and safeguarding his family, which he referred to as “taking care of us.” In addition, Ronnie had a passion for automobiles, particularly Fords, and he was a fan of Nascar, a competition about which he could talk for hours.

The qualities of honesty, kindness, and faithfulness that Ronnie possessed were all qualities that he instilled in his two daughters. Ronnie was a diligent worker. During their time in high school, Ronnie and Peggy (née Chastain) were inseparable. They wed in April of 1959, when he was 20 years old and she was 18 years old. Just one week before they were to celebrate 65 glorious years of marriage, Ronnie went away. They had been married for 65 years.

Early on in his life, Ronnie realized that in order to provide for his wife and two daughters, he would need to put in a lot of effort. He began his career by shoveling coal at Monroe Ice and Fuel, but he quickly realized that his true calling was in the field of heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance. He became one of the most skilled personnel in the city as a result of his laborious efforts in the field of heating and air conditioning. He took great pleasure in getting to know his clients and was always ready to assist them whenever they demanded his assistance, regardless of the time of day or night or the weather.

In the beginning of 1962, Ronnie made the very best choice of his entire life. The invitation to attend church was extended to him by a friend, and he happily accepted the invitation. It was something that compelled him to continue going to church services, and a few months later, he began to pray to Jesus for forgiveness of his sins. Throughout his life, he has made the decision to devote himself to serving God, his family, and the church. During the year 1963, Ronnie and Peggy became members of Cornerstone Community Nazarene Church. Ronnie was a hard-working individual who served as a server and a donor.

He and Peggy were both devoted members of the church community. Ronnie was the driver of the church bus, and he traveled throughout the neighborhood to pick up anyone who required transportation. For the majority of his life, he was a member of the church board, worked with the teen group, and taught Sunday school to junior boys. He also taught Sunday school students. Ronnie was a kind and sweet person who had a passion for getting to know new people and would assist anyone who was in need.

God’s love was something he wanted everyone to be aware of. Ronnie would want anyone who is reading this today to know that you will never regret loving your family with all of your heart and devoting your heart to the Lord Jesus. He would want you to know this. The loss of Ronnie will be profoundly felt for all of these reasons and many others as well.

Peggy Chastain Hough, Ronnie’s devoted wife, and their two daughters, Tammy Daugherty (Richard) and Cheryl Plyler, as well as their sister Joyce Outen, as well as five grandchildren, Meredith Jiang (David), Natalie Grimaud (Geoff), David Plyler (Bethany), and Clifton Ronald Daugherty, and eight great-grandchildren, are among those who are left behind after Ronnie’s passing.

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