Ronald Hough Obituary, A Resident Of Monroe, North Carolina Has Departed

Ronald Hough  Death – Ronald Hough, 85, of Monroe, North Carolina, passed away on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. He was born on November 29, 1938, in Union County, North Carolina, the son of the late Stanley Vance Hough and Roberta Long Hough. His son-in-law, Larke Plyler, died before him. A funeral ceremony will be performed on Monday, April 1, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. at Cornerstone Community Church of The Nazarene, 2707 Secrest Shortcut Road, Monroe, NC 28110, with burial at Lakeland Memorial Park. The family will greet guests at the church from 1:00 to 1:45 p.m., before the ceremony.

Ronald Hough, popularly known as Ronnie or PawPaw, was a spouse, parent, and an exceptional PawPaw. He valued and appreciated all of his obligations, especially caring for and defending his family, which he referred to as “taking care of us.” Ronnie adored vehicles (particularly Fords) and Nascar, which he could discuss for hours. Ronnie was a hardworking, honest, sympathetic, and devoted father who instilled these characteristics in his two children.

Ronnie and Peggy (née Chastain) were high school sweethearts. They married in April 1959, when he was twenty and she was eighteen. Ronnie died one week before their 65th anniversary. Ronnie realized early on that he needed to work hard to support his wife and two daughters. One of his first jobs was shoveling coal at Monroe Ice and Fuel, but he quickly realized that heating and air conditioning were his talents. He dedicated himself to working in heating and air conditioning, eventually becoming one of the town’s best employees. He appreciated getting to know his customers and was always willing to help them anytime they needed it, no matter what time of day or night or weather.

Early in 1962, Ronnie made the best decision of his life. His friend invited him to church, and he accepted. Something motivated him to continue attending church services, and a few months later, he begged Jesus to pardon his sins. He decided to commit his life to God, family, and the church. Ronnie and Peggy attended Cornerstone Community Nazarene Church in 1963. Ronnie worked as a server and giver and was very hands-on. He and Peggy were both dedicated church workers. Ronnie drove the church bus through neighborhoods, picking up anyone who needed a ride.

spent the majority of his life on the church board, working with the teen group and teaching junior boys Sunday school. Ronnie was a lovely soul who enjoyed getting to know people and was eager to help those in need. He wanted everybody to understand God’s love. Ronnie wants anyone reading this to know that they will never regret loving their family unconditionally and surrendering their hearts to the Lord Jesus. For all of these and other reasons, Ronnie will be much missed.

Ronnie is left by his beloved wife Peggy Chastain Hough, their two daughters Tammy Daugherty (Richard) and Cheryl Plyler, sister Joyce Outen, and five grandchildren: Meredith Jiang (David), Natalie Grimaud (Geoff), David Plyler (Bethany), Stacie Boatright (Charles), and Clifton Ronald Daugherty. He also left eight great-grandchildren.

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