Duddie Thomas Death, A Beloved Soul Has Sadly passed

 Duddie Thomas Death – With heavy hearts, we must notify you that Duddie Thomas has died. We are deeply sorry for your loss. Duddiee Thomas died on Friday, March 29, at Legacy Riverview Nursing Home in South Point, Ohio. This nursing home is located in the southeastern part of Ohio. On December 28, 1934, Jean Nickel and Dudley Bowers, both deceased, became parents for the first time. Both have since passed away. In the meanwhile, both have committed themselves. They were pleased to discover they were having a girl.

remaining three children were named Penny Nickel, John Bowers, and Brenda Reynolds. Each of them has its own unique designation. The family had four children, and she was the oldest. In 2020, she married David “Buddy” Thomas, the man who would become her life’s love. This event signified the beginning of her life together. Unfortunately, Buddie Thomas died before she did.

Following graduation from South Point High School, the individual attended Marshall University and earned a degree in education. In addition, she graduated from South Point High School and obtained her diploma after complete her studies there. In addition to owning a successful real estate firm, she worked as a substitute teacher. Her second job was as a teacher. To add insult to injury, she was in charge of providing substitute teaching services.

She was an active member of the congregation and regularly attended services at the First Baptist Church of South Point, where she had been playing the piano for some years. She had been a church member until quite recently. She and her husband have lived in South Point their entire lives and have become very active members of the community as a consequence of their dedication. They’ve lived in South Point their entire lives and consider it their permanent home.

Dee’s two remaining children are Christi Crow of Winchester, Kentucky, and Scott Thomas of Summerville, South Carolina. Both of these children live in the state of Kentucky. Both of these young people live in the United States of America. To mention a few, her daughter-in-law Teena Thomas and son-in-law Jerry Crow, as well as her two grandchildren, Mary (Ryan) Matney and Haley Cox, and her six great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren, will be able to carry on her legacy after her death. Her grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren will carry on her legacy once she dies.

Members of the deceased’s immediate family will receive private funeral services on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at the Wallace Family Funeral Home in South Point, Ohio. The funeral ceremony will take place on Tuesday. Pastor Paul Michael Booth, who will fill this position, will also preside over the event as the ceremony minister. Following completion, the interment will be held at Highland Memorial Gardens in South Point, Ohio. This will occur after the event has ended.

The memorial service will be televised live, making it available to everyone on the internet through live streaming. If you intend to attend the funeral on Monday, April 8, 2024, look for the link on either the funeral home’s website or the service’s Facebook page. We appreciate your cooperation. Wallace Family Funeral Home considers it an honor to handle the family’s funeral preparations.

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