Cindy Henry Obituary, A Past Member Of The American Business Women’s Association Has Died, Fort Wayne Indiana

Cindy Henry Obituary, Death Cause – Cindy S. Henry had lived in Fort Wayne her whole life and was 67 years old when she died on January 20, 2024. She was surrounded by her family when she finished her life. Her whole life had been spent in Fort Wayne. The first time people saw her was on June 4, 1956. She was born in Fort Wayne. Craig O. Kocks and Martha M. (Rearick) Kocks were the ones who gave birth to her. They were the first ones to greet her. Cindy kept studying at International Business College after she graduated from Heritage High School in 1974 and got her diploma. At that point, she had already finished high school. The man who would become the love of her life, Thomas C. Henry, married her on June 21, 1975. Today was the day she got married. During their marriage, they were able to raise two lovely children, Benjamin Jerome and Elizabeth Anne. Many years ago, Cindy ran the Green Frog Inn. She was both the owner and boss of the business during that time.

In addition, she had ties to the group in question. She had an amazing way of making every person feel like they were in their own home, and she never met a stranger while she worked there. She went about her life and never met a stranger. Before taking on this job, she was on the boards of directors for the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), the Civic Theatre, and the Embassy Theatre. In this moment, she is doing her job. She was also a member of the Catholic Church’s branch called the Church of the Most Precious Blood. The Democratic Party was very important to Cindy. Vice Chair of the Allen County Democratic Party, the Fourth District Democrats, the Indiana Democratic State Central Committee, and the Democratic National Committee was a job she held. Another thing she did was be vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. The whole time she was in office, she was also a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Also, she was always dedicated to many different causes throughout her life, and she happily and successfully raised money for them. She always did this throughout her whole life. Throughout her life, she was a strong supporter of these issues. People will remember Cindy from the start of time to the end of time for being kind, beautiful, stylish, and pleasant. She loved without fear and enjoyed every moment of her life. It was important to her to be polite and respectful to everyone she met. She loved without being scared. She lived each and every moment to the fullest. Through her whole life, she was a beautiful and strong woman who had a strong faith in God. All of these things about her made her a great woman. She was born and raised in the United States of America. Thomas C. Henry, her husband of 48 years, her children Benjamin J. Henry and Elizabeth A. Guevara, her mother Martha M. Kocks-Hamrick, her grandchildren Anastasia, Nikolas, Alexandria, and Angelina, and her siblings Kevin Kocks, Barry Kocks, Scott (Amy) Kocks, Mark Kocks, Angela Kocks-Schmidt, Jeff (Yvonne) Hamrick, and Jason (Stefani) Hamrick are all able to carry on her work. It was already too late for Cindy’s father, Clifford O. Kocks, to die.

Cindy did the same thing he did. Another thing is that Cindy’s mother has died. People can see the body at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church on Friday, January 26, 2024. The church is in the downtown area of Fort Wayne. Its location is 1515 Barthold Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808. Ten to eleven minutes before eleven in the morning, someone will come to see you. It will be eleven o’clock in the morning when the Christian return Mass takes place to honor Christ’s return. I’m thankful for you. It will also be possible to visit the Divine Mercy Funeral Home at 3500 Lake Avenue on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and again from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Lake Avenue is where the funeral home is. To be buried for all time, the dead will be laid to rest at the Catholic Cemetery.

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