Car Accident In Interstate 17 Killed One Person & Left One Injured In Phoenix Today

Car Accident Phoenix, Cause – Near the Loop 303 junction in north Phoenix, there was a very bad rollover accident. Because of this crash, Interstate 17 going south was closed. The process had to be stopped because of this terrible event. The highway wasn’t open to traffic again until Thursday. It had been closed for a long time at the beginning. The terrible thing that happened was caused by an accident involving a crash. On March 28, just before 3 p.m., the cops released a report saying that someone had died in the accident. This report came from the cops. Between noon and five o’clock in the evening, the street was once again open to car traffic. There were no restrictions on it before or after that time.

The Arizona Department of Transportation said that the accident happened: a car hit the center barrier, flipping over and sending debris across several lines of the road. There was word that the accident happened. Arizona was the state where the accident took place. At this point, there is no information available on why the car’s sole driver lost control as it was going south. The reason for this is that there is no information available from the source right now. Because of this, the car hit both the concrete dividing wall and the lit pole. Both of these things were badly damaged. These two things happened right next to each other at the same time. Bart Graves, who works for the Arizona Department of Public Safety, says that the car then turned over and landed on its roof, blocking lanes 2 and 3. This is what caused the blockage. This is what caused the block. It was because of this that the barrier became what it is now. Because of this, the barrier changed into what it is now.

During the closure, all traffic that was supposed to go to the off-ramp at the intersection of Loop 303 and Sonoran Desert Drive went to that off-ramp. While the accident was happening, the lanes of traffic on Interstate 17 that were going toward the accident stayed open. There is something here that should be thought about. The injuries that one of the two people inside the car got were so bad that they ended up killing them. Someone else was taken to the hospital. One of the other people involved did not get hurt at all during the event. Graves told the press that the driver, Miraslav Jovanovic, who was sixty years old and from Anthem, had injuries that looked like they were caused by blunt force. He was declared dead at the hospital soon after the accident. The doctor said that Jovanovic was dead. It was found out that Jovanovic had died in the hospital. Even though people have been able to give their names, police still don’t know who else was in the car for some reason. Even though they were able to give away their names, this is still the case. Because they haven’t been able to figure out who they are. This is the reason for it.

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