Brenda Norris Obituary, Sadly Died After Diagnosed With Pancreatic, Liver & Stomach Cancer

Brenda Norris Obituary, Death Cause – Brenda (Falena) Norris, a wonderful person and a close friend of mine, died last night. She was lovely. The woman was really nice. At the start of this month, she learned that she has several types of cancer, such as pancreatic, liver, and stomach cancer. We wish we had made it to Florida before she left, but we were too focused on ourselves. We feel bad about what we did. We truly wished to visit Florida. We started going out together when we were 14 or 15 years old, around 1975 or 1976. She was my first true love, and we became friends after a while. My first desire was to be with her because I liked her. During their time in the service, both of our dads finished their terms at Fort Lewis in Hawaii. She stood out because she was always moving and excited about life.

She was a pretty, smart, and funny southern girl. This sentence would sound better with a sexy southern drawl. She lived in the south. It was when I was 15 years old and ready to move out that she took me in as their own kid. I was raised by them like a child. Their 48-foot fifth-wheel camper had to be moved from Washington state to Florida, where they were born and raised in Lake City. The truck they had was a Chevy C30 Cheyenne and had a glass-pack exhaust system. Her dad, Staff Sergeant Norris, was driving the car. This was done to finish the job and meet the goal of moving the camper. Those were the first times I realized I loved driving big cars, even though we didn’t have licenses at the time. We thought it would be best to stay with them and help them pack for the month they were getting ready to move to Germany.
We’ve taken her on a number of trips over the past few years, starting in 1992. Falena, Hawaii was one of these trips. Because her husband was stationed there, we were able to see her a lot. Falena spent her last years in Lake City, where she had serious health problems that stopped her from working or taking care of herself. This was just how she was. It’s not possible for her to look after herself. Since the end of her marriage was so bad, she had no money at all. Because of how her marriage turned out, these things took place. The picture shows that we went to see her in 2017 while we were in Florida. She had so many surgeries, including fusions of her neck and back, that she could hardly do any work at all. It was because she had already been through this many times. She looked for stable financial and social tools that would help her with many parts of her life, like her health, earnings, and the basics of living, but she couldn’t find them.

She tried really hard but just couldn’t get these tools. Our family did everything we could over the years to help her, but she kept having problems no matter what we did. We tried very hard, but she kept having trouble. Even when things were tough, she found it easy to stay upbeat and determined. She believed in God, love, her family, and her country. She also had a lot of faith in her husband and kids. She never felt like a victim, and she didn’t tell me very often that she didn’t like me. She never felt like a victim for some reason. She really loved her family very much. She often told her family about the fun and interesting things that happened to her at the “River House,” which was on the Suwannee River. In the river, these two things took place. It takes too long for her to talk, her English is bad, and she jumps from one thought to the next and memory to memory. They will be missed. We will miss her. We’ll miss her a lot. She writes about her trips and the most important events in her life in these letters. While it breaks our hearts that we couldn’t visit her before she died, we are thankful that she is no longer in pain. We’re glad she’s no longer in pain.

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