Alexander Vinogradsky Identified As Victim Of Toronto Ontario Shooting, Cause Of Death

Alexander Vinogradsky Death – Thursday night, there was a killing in North York, and unfortunately, one person died. The individual who was part in the event later passed away. During their investigation, the police were able to figure out who the victim was. The victim was 39 years old at the time of the crime. Discovering the victim’s identity was how this was done. About 10:45 p.m., police from the Toronto Police Department were sent to the area near the crossing of Finch Avenue West and Dufferin Street to look into what happened. This was done because gunfire was heard near the spot. That person was given this piece of information by a representative of the department that was in charge of that department.

When police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found a man who had been shot. It was found that the victim was in very bad shape. The body wasn’t found until after the victim had already died. After the body of the dead person was discovered outside of a dark-colored SUV, it was found that the person had been shot many times. The car of the deceased person was found after the body of the deceased person was found. Later, in the statement the police officers put out, it was said that he was declared dead at the scene of the crime right away. This was one of the things that they said in their message. It can be found in the next line. This is the statement they made.

Alexander Vinogradsky, who lives in Thornhill, Ontario, was named as the victim in a statement released by the police on Friday. Vinogradsky lived in the province of Ontario. The victim was named as Vinogradsky, according to the results. The notice was sent to the people who said they wanted to receive it. Even though police say the shooter fled in a black Mercedes, the full description of the person who committed the crime has not yet been made public. This is true even though this kind of information is public. The following statements go into more detail about the person who was responsible for starting the shooting.

The event happened between 9 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. If you were nearby and think you may have video of it, please call the police at 416-808-3200 or Crime Stoppers to remain private. You won’t have to give your name. The numbers for both of these can be seen below. The police really want you to get in touch with them and give them information. People who may have proof that could help the police with their investigation of the crime have been asked to come forward and give their information right away. That means that anyone who has access to film is welcome to attend.

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